The Team Who are we

The idea for SmartChain was born out of operations professionals with a creative and entrepreneurial streak – confident to think differently and act decisively.  SmartChain International LLP was established 2013 with Founding Members based in the UK and Switzerland.

The SmartChain team have many years of industry, operations and consulting experience. With an outstanding track record of assisting our client’s to resolve their operational business challenges and implement successful change.

Many of our team have held senior roles within major businesses. We understand the operational complexities and management dynamics of operating at this level and are highly effective in organising and advising on change, while providing realistic adoption timescales.

We tailor our consulting style and approach to address your specific business requirements, uniquely setting us apart from many of the big name consultancies who religiously follow the book to the letter.

Richard Holmes 

Richard is a Founding Partner of SmartChain International, a trusted advisor with a background in management consulting and industry.

  • SmartChain & Lodestone:  8 yrs business leadership & consulting
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers:  11 yrs supply chain consulting
  • ICI Paints (now AkzoNobel):  13 yrs in manufacturing & operations
  • Industry focus:  Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Speciality Chemicals 
  • Nationality:  British


John Earley 

John is a Founding Partner of SmartChain International, an Internationally recognised expert in Operational Excellence with a long and successful career in both industry and management consulting.

  • SmartChain & Lodestone:  3 yrs business leadership & consulting
  • AstraZeneca: 5 yrs global OE programme leadership & strategy
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: 13 yrs management consulting - US
  • Evets Computers:  4 yrs consulting and project management
  • Roll-Royce Aero Engines:  6 yrs in manufacturing engineering
  • Industry focus:  Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Aerospace, Discrete Manufacturing 
  • Nationality:  British


Patrick Rigoni 

Patrick is a Founding Partner of SmartChain International, and comes from Industry with a successful career covering all aspects of operations strategy and operational excellence.

  • SmartChain: 1 yr business consulting
  • Mylan:  3 yrs in generic Pharma strategic supply chain
  • J&J Pharma: 4 yrs tactical and strategic supply planning
  • J&J Janssen-Cilag: 2 yrs Lean manufacturing implementation
  • J&J Cilag:  6 yrs manufacturing and operational excellence
  • Industry focus:  Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Chemicals 
  • Nationality:  Swiss
Nuno Alves 

Nuno is a Director with SmartChain International, an experienced leader in delivering change in supply chain, financial planning and operating model design.

  • SmartChain & Lodestone:  6 yrs supply chain consulting
  • Deloitte:  4 yrs strategy & operations consulting
  • MoreTextile (Former Grupo JMA):  2 yrs strategic planning and business turnaround
  • Industry focus:  Global Health, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Energy/Utilities, Textiles 
  • Nationality:  Portuguese
 Anna Lowe Anna Lowe 

Anna is a Director with SmartChain International, an experienced leader in the delivery of change, a serial entrepreneur and innovative thinker with a passion for the Global Health and Sustainable Development agenda.

  • SmartChain, Lodestone, Jonova:  6 yrs supply chain planning, governance and Global Health consulting
  • Johnson & Johnson, Beacon Holdings:  8 years operations management
  • Cranfield University:  Fellowship in Manufacturing Management
  • Industry focus:  Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Utilities, Electronics, Mechanical Assembly 
  • Nationality:  British
 Fraser Penny Fraser Penny 

Fraser is an Associate with SmartChain bringing deep experience of facilitating change at the highest level in blue chip companies.

  • SmartChain, Independent Consultant:  2 yrs change management and business consulting
  • Astra & Zeneca:  14 yrs supply chain improvement and change management leadership
  • Zeneca Agrochemicals: 3 yrs supply strategy/design and new products introduction
  • ICI/Zeneca Life Sciences:  7 yrs manufacturing process scale-up and management
  • Industry focus:  Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Chemicals, Biotech, OIl Industry
  • Nationality:  British
 Damien Dockery Damien Dockery 

Damien is a supply chain and operations expert within SmartChain. He is a proven change leader and has extensive experience in ERP solution integration.

  • SmartChain, Independent Consultant:  9 yrs change management, business and technology consulting
  • Epicor Corp./Scala Business Solutions:  10 yrs business and technology consulting
  • Elan Corp., Siemens: 15 yrs operations management and ERP implementation
  • Industry focus:  Machines, Food, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical
  • Nationality:  Irish


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