Operations Strategy Manufacturing Network & Supply Chain Design

We work with Operations Leadership Teams to ensure their Manufacturing and Supply Chain capabilities are Fit for the Future. 

If your response is yes to any of the following questions, SmartChain can help you with the solutions.


  • Has your manufacturing and sourcing network grown too complex?
  • Have you started to lose track of what is sourced from where?
  • Do new product launches and transfers cause additional turmoil?
  • Is consistent data hard to track down throughout your organisation?
  • Do you wonder if you have the right capacity (in the right place) to deal with future demand?
  • Realigning their organisations and reducing operating costs

Our Approach:

We assist in ensuring our clients understand the capabilities within their businesses to support commercial growth plans, communicate inherent supply risks and to deliver economic expectations of the business. We help by evaluating the options for change, identifying how to develop the decision making process and by formulating solid action plans.

We tailor our services to suit your needs. We do this on varying levels, from undertaking specific interventions to working with internal teams to build and transition capabilities.

To enhance strategic decision making processes and enable successful exploitation of market opportunities we use simulation models to:

  • Improve and focus forward visibility
  • Explore uncertainties and quantify risks
  • Assess economic impacts of different strategies and investment options

Our predictive simulations allow you to evaluate options. The use of these scenarios provides objective and robust assessment of current and future requirements. They allow you to anticipate future impacts, understand and implement change, test strategic options and improve policy making.

Our facilitation process aims to eliminate established thinking and introduce innovative ideas, in order to seek out stretch options for assessment and evaluation.

Finally, we produce a robust set of plans, including cascaded KPIs. We offer on-going support to track progress and we provide continuous reporting to illustrate the impact on scenarios.

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