Performance Improvement Manufacturing & Supply

Customers and investors are continuously demanding more from your business; improved quality, improved service, lower prices, increased share value and profits. In many cases delivery on one front can lead to disappointment on another. We understand the challenge you face is to deliver sustainable improvement in all these areas on a continuous basis.

Sustainable performance improvement means understanding the underlying factors influencing your performance and addressing the root causes in a systematic way.

At SmartChain, we understand that to deliver sustainable improvement you need to take a more holistic approach, to appreciate the impact that changes in one part of the supply chain have on the bigger picture. This ensures that improvements you make are beneficial across the whole business rather than being point solutions.

Our Approach:

We believe that it is important to deliver early results to gain confidence and fund further improvements. We have adopted a “Rapid Impact” approach which exploits quick wins while systematically tackling the bigger issues.

Phase one of our approach is a "Value Add" driven diagnostic at either the supply chain or production area level. We take into consideration your processes across support functions, organisation structure, competencies and information flows. We then conduct a comparison against established best practices to determine the baseline performance and identify quantifiable improvement opportunities.

In phase two, we convert these opportunities into priorities, providing you with a time phased project plan to support the delivery of the improvements.

We use a simple scorecard approach to manage the delivery of progress and benefits. As a result, we typically see initial benefits delivered in the first quarter, with multiple return on investment over the first year.

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