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Nigeria – Supply Chain Integration
The Ministry of Health and a range of global donor organizations are jointly seeking to improve the distribution network for critical medicines in Nigeria. A route map encompassing - among others - good governance practices, public-private sector partnerships, zonal hub solutions for warehousing, last mile distribution has been created and agreed across all partners.

Rapid Supply Mechanism – Hub Distribution Model Start-Up
Global health donor organisation seeking to become more responsive and ensure continuity of supply in the distribution of critical medicines to low income countries. A rapid supply mechanism, including the setting up of regional hubs, emergency stockpiles and the creation of partnerships with several regional supply chain actors has been selected and is currently under implementation.

Site Organisation Capability Assessment - Performance Improvement
Global Pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation seeking to test its readiness for its challenging change agenda. A customised human resources capability assessment helped management in identifying areas of best practice, gaps and risks in their Operations teams. Specific actions were recommended and built into local action plans.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing VMI - Operating Model Design
Global Pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation seeking to create a step change in their supply performance through the adoption of Vendor Managed Inventory and the integration of Rhythm based concepts.

Chemical Supply Network Balancing - Operations Strategy
Fine chemicals manufacturing organisation with production sites in Europe and US seeking to establish a strategic capacity planning capability.

The business established a planning model, process and team capable of maintaining visibility across their global sourcing network - looking out over a 10 year horizon. The model supported scenario based planning and rapid 'what-if' analysis to assess the impact of uncertainty and changing sourcing decisions.

Network Consolidation - Manufacturing Strategy
Following the creation of a new global operations leadership, this pharmaceutical manufacturer was seeking to consolidate production across its worldwide supply base.

The project focused on creating a viable 'blue sky' option for the new supply network, saving >200MM USD per year, and a fully funded migration path to consolidate technology platforms over a 5+ year timeline.

BioPharma Global Services - Operating Model
US and European team seeking to establish an innovative operating model for their global business unit, built on their core service offerings and creating a differentiation from their parent organisation.

The project also supported capture of their unique business requirements for technology support from a slimmed-down SAP infrastructure and outlined a range of new user oriented Smart-Apps to enable a more agile response across their operations.

Lean Ideal State - Operating Model
Pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation, launching a global Operational Excellence programme, developed a 'Lean - Ideal State' operating model and 'Transformation-Map'. 

This provided the basis for subsequent improvement initiatives and helped to align senior management behind the programme.

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