“The ability of a company in a changing commercial environment to profitably exploit market opportunities, quickly and flexibly respond to the customers’ needs… ”
Extract: K. Rimiene, Economics & Management, 2011.16

At SmartChain we are passionate about agility. In today's increasingly volatile commercial environment, it will be those companies that embrace demand driven principles in their organisations that will dramatically improve operational performance.

Achieving service levels of close to 100%, reducing response times by 50%, reducing inventories and cost by 30%, 40% or even more is only possible using demand driven principles. A classical MRP/ERP based approach with advanced planning systems will never get you there!

We deeply understand the core principles below, which are necessary to build agile solutions and can help you to deploy them in your business, on a global scale: 

  • Demand Driven - customer 'pull' signals drive execution
  • Design for Agility - postponement strategies / use of decoupling points / strategic positioning of inventory buffers
  • Segmentation - one size does not fit all in supply chain design and execution
  • Visibility - across the End-to-End supply chain
  • Separation of planning from execution - forecasts for long and medium term planning only
  • Fight Process Variability - use of LeanSigma, Theory Of Constraints and Factory Physics principles
  • Process oriented organisations - bringing your teams with you on the journey

SmartChain is a partner of the Demand Driven Institute (DDI) and is accredited by DDI and ISCEA to provide the Certified Demand Driven Planning program (CDDP). We currently have two endorsed CDDP instructors in our team.

Thanks to our strategic alliance with Orchestr8, the leading supplier of Demand Driven Planning and Execution software, we have access to the unique technological solutions needed to support your agile supply chain deployment globally at enterprise scale. Orchestr8 planning solution is DDMRP compliant.

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